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My old Nikon Coolpix 2100 seems to be having a problem with power consumption.
It never did have an incredible battery life, but lately it's gotten worse, and it's not the cells because I've tried brand new, freshly charged ones too. It's not the charger either, because cells I charge with it work fine for everything else.

With two freshly charged cells the 2100 will display the low-battery warning after the first shot, even if I don't use the flash. After a few more "low battery" shots it says the battery is depleted and refuses to take pictures at all.

Taking the cells out and putting them in another digicam reveals they have most of their capacity left. The charger I use (a Varta fast charge one) will "recharge" the cells in five minutes or so, whereupon the 2100 will power up again and do another 20 or so shots (all but the first in low-batt mode) before it complains that the batteries are depleted again.

I read that there used to be a battery problem with the firmware, but my version is the latest. I tried reuploading the firmware anyway, but nothing changed.

I should probably mention that I've kept the digicam almost completely inactive for about two years because I bought a better one, which I used exclusively until it was stolen recently. Then I went back to the 2100, and it gave me this nasty surprise.

I've since bought an old-stock Sony MVC-CD1000 to replace the stolen digicam, but its size is elephantine, so I'd still like to be able to use the small 2100. I don't like having to cart around a backpack with the CD1000 in it all the time.

Any ideas? If it's any use, both the low-battery and battery depleted messages always come a split second after it finishes autofocusing before I press the button down to the second step to take the picture.
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