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Default Battery Question - HELP!

Hi everyone

I have a Sony WX10 digital camera. The Sony battery that it comes with is a 3.6 volt battery. I have a generic replacement battery that is meant for this camera but I have noticed that the replacement battery is a 3.7 volt battery. Would this be OK to use in my camera if it is 0.1 of a volt higher than the original Sony battery? I have heard if you use batteries with a higher voltage that it can cause damage to the camera? Would 0.1 of a volt higher be dangerous? Do you think this matters if I use a 3.7 volt battery instead of a 3.6 volt battery? Or should it be strictly 3.6 volt batteries only that are used? If I do use the 3.7 volt generic replacement battery, would there be any risk to the camera?

Thank you
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G'day H-1234

All electrical devices will tolerate voltage variations to some degree
Firstly - think of your car .... it runs on 12volts, except that the charging system [ie- the alternator] is set to operate at 13 volts +/- 0,5volts to overcome losses in the cables. When fully charged the car battery operates at 12,6volts

As the car battery is used, everything in the car will work down to about 10,5volts, by which time the battery will not have enough 'grunt' to start the engine - and you/we say the battery is 'flat' and call the RAC people to help us out

Okay - camera wise...
While the camera 'may' be made for 3,6 volt operations, the makers will know that batteries to go flat - so I would expect that the camera will operate successfully down to 3 volts, maybe even 2,75 volts. On this basis, I would expect that an "overcharged" battery of 3,7 volts would not make any difference to the camera's operations

Hope this helps a bit
Regards, Phil
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