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I recently ordered the BC 900 from Thomas Distributing. When it arrived it was DOB (Damaged Out of the Box). The second and third LED display was malfunctioning making it difficult to see what it was doing. They appeared to work properly, you just couldn't tell how many volts or amp hours were showing. My new unit is working fine so far.

I phoned La Crosse and they weren't very helpful, telling me I had to send it back at my expense and then wait for several weeks to see if they were going to fix or replace it.

A quick phone call to Thomas Distributing was very different. They sent me out a new unit that day via courier (it arrived 6 days later in Canada yet!) and are going to reimburse my cost in sending the initial unit back. Kudos to Thomas Distributing, I can certainly recommend them for their excellent customer service.
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A couple weeks ago I decided to go ahead and buy a MH-C9000.
And it's preformed pretty good, actually better than my expectations.

I also went through Thomas Distributing.
NOTE: Canadians should expect to pay the customs fee of about $13 for GST.
I noticed it had $18 Priority postage, and the invoice (correctly) shows $8 for shipping.
Now the date was just 3 days before it arrived, so I can only think that my order was held back for some reason, & then they sent it rush.
The fact that they bumped the shipping and at their cost, Wow. :shock:
I think that's hard to beat customer service in this day and age.

Anyhow I have four AA Energizer 2500Mah batteries that are at least 2 years old, and in the Fujifilm S3100 they seem to take 5 pictures or last for 5 minutes, whichever comes first.
I ran them in the MH-C9000 under Refresh & Analyze and there was some difference, but not enough. So I put them through the Break-in mode and they came out like they where almost new again, I think I'd taken about 60 to 90 pictures the next day.

Now I know that I got lucky, & perhaps the batteries had been recharged two or three times in a row without any discharge, and those large crystals formed to cause the impediance. etc...

Now I've used the MH-C9000 on a few other peoples older/dying NI-MH batteries using the Refresh & Analyze and I've only had excellent results! :G

Let me just sum what everyone here has already posted.
+It has a high pitched noise, and many people's hearing doesn't go that high.
+The back light is a freakin night-light WOW! I was surprised at just how bright it is.
+It is larger than I expected too at around 4.5"W x 6"D x 2"H

+Don't use it in bedroom & common areas because of the god-light, er I mean back-light, and the sound. (if it's within your hearing range (normal if it isn't))

I recommend it 100% to anyone. I have 16 or more rechargeables and it's already saved me & others about $20 to $30 in buying replacements that didn't actually need to be replaced yet... and that's eviromentally helpful as well.

Now my second choice was split between BC-900 and MH-C808M.
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