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I am off to Africafor nine dayswith my Canon s5is. The two places we are staying in Rwanda run off of generators for their electricity and we have been told they are turned off at night. I am leary of taking a rechargable batteries since I would more than likely have to charge them during the day. Either I take a lot of rechargables ora lot ofnon -rechargables. Does anyone have a sugggestion for non-rechargables in this situation. Thanks.


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Hello Madpie,

If I were going on such a trip, I would purchase a charger that charged at a rate to complete a charge in one hour. Some of these chargers will also run on 12 volts, so this gives you another option for charging. I would bring a few extra cells to make up for a lack of opportunity to spend an hour charging.

As a back up, I would also bring some Energizer L91 Lithium primary AA cells. These cells carry nearly 1 gram of lithium in each cell, so you will have to keep track of how you pack them. There are some restrictions with air travel.

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Thanks Tom,

I am not familiar with this battery so I will do a little research. I have checked with TSA and it appears if batteries are in the camera, plastic bag or original packaging the are okay for carrry on.

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For what it is worth and in hopes this will help you out.....

My bother uses one of those point and shoot cameras with the small no AA batteries, propiority battery. He was stopped last Christmas by the X-ray tech at a TSA checkpoint in Atlanta and was told he could only carry 2 batteries that were not in his camera. He had 3 spares. He ended up first movingone of the batteriesfrom his laptop bag where his camera and batteries were to his carry on suitecase. They red flagged him because it was still "his" luggage and he could only carry two of them. He ened up getting around that by just giving it to his wife to carry in her luggage.

Also on the way back he had them all in his laptop bag and the TSA people in Richmond red flagged him. This time they said he had 2 too many batteries since they counted his spare laptop battery and the camera batteries. Gave the extra battery and laptop battery to the wife to carry in her suitecase.

Also I traveled eariler this year from Richmond to Atlanta for a family wedding and had to take all the extra memory cards and batteries I could. I took a total of 5 extra sets of AA nickle metal hydrude batteries in my camera bag. I was redflagged but only because they wanted me to remove my wolverine flashpack device from the bag so that it could be scanned seperate as if it was a laptop. Had to do the same thing on the return trip.

I'd get a 1 hour charger and make sure you get back to camp 2 hours before the generators go off so you can get 2 sets charged every night, mioght also be able to get a set charged in the morning before you head out dpending how early they turn on the generator.

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