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Default Buyer Beware


I bought a AA battery travel charger and a dozen AA batteries from RipVan100.com, which worked well enough I bought a second charger that could charge AAA batteries and 8 AAA batteries. Ripvan100's web site prominently promises a "Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee" on ALL products.

To make a long story short, I marked the old charger to show it was NOT suitable for AAA batteries and went on a month-long trip to England. Unfortunately, the old charger failed while on my trip.

I bought another charger to replace the defective charger, and returned the defective charger for credit.

Today, I was told by the owner of RipVan100 that, since I had DEFACED the original charger (thus making it unsuitable for re-sale after repair) there would be no credit issued.

So, be warned - sometimes a "Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee" is subject to someone's eccentric interpretation and their own unique idea of "commercial morals".

Please see the attached message from RipVan100, and tell me if I am expecting too much on a $25.00 purchase...



Hello Ben,

Regarding marking a piece of personal property that may one day be redeemed
under warranty: it has become common in these days to expect retailers to
receive merchandise, irrespective of its condition, for a full and complete
refund. In their quest for commerce at any price, many large companies do
this: choosing to wholesale the items out for pennies on the dollar, and
claiming the entire matter as a business loss for accounting purposes. We
could choose to do the same, but are loathe to do so.

Such policies enforce the attitude that we are free to do anything we like,
and expect others to deal with it depending on our whim. There is nothing to
lose by complaining, as any desire will be pacified accordingly. For the
retailers, it becomes a matter of commerce, rather than enforcing good
morals. 20 years ago, no one would hope to expect such treatment, and none
would be given. The erosion of this value is not without its causes and
effects. We do not wish to honor it.

Therefore, the choice I offer is this: I will return the unit for repair at
the manufacturer's facility in Taiwan. When it is returned, I will send it
to you again. (This make take many weeks. I cannot tell.) The other option
is to return it as is, and you may choose to have it repaired locally.
Please let me know which is preferable.
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Correct me if im wrong, but he does offer u to repair the charger.
Ok, several weeks is a bit long but none the less, u get it back repaired right?
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Default re: "Buyer Beware"


Maybe I was wrong. If I hadn't been going out of the country again on Monday July 8th, and if the vendor had indicated (when I spoke to them on approx. June 22 BEFORE returning the defective charger) that they could have returned the repaired charger in time, I wouldn't have opted for the cross-ship procedure.

After 25 years as an electrical engineer, service person, etc. for electrical and electronics manufacturing companies, I never expected the retailer to return a $25 item to Taiwan for repair of an apparent thermal problem.

If I have been unfair, I sincerely apologize.

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that is one impressive line of pure B$$*&$^@T i have ever seen. i am sorry you had to receive that. it's an insult
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Default Yes/no

It does seem odd that they would send it off to Taiwan for repair.

How did you "mark" the unit. In all fairness, I probably would have done the same thing if I were them. You can't put some identifying mark on an item meant for the retail consumer and expect credit. It has to be in saleable condition. Just my opinion though!
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Received my Lightning Pack 4000N from RipVan today. The unit was dead on arrival. It was shipped in a thin cardboard mailer (to Canada) - which was a little surprising since this is an electronic device.

Think I'll opt for a refund instead of a replacement.
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