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Photo 5 Sep 21, 2011 10:42 PM

Cannon Battery Pack Question
I have question for you canon users out there. I was just given a used Cannon 30D camera today (an older Canon D-SLR) with 2 Canon BP-511A 1390MAH batteries. I am a little worried as the batteries are only rated at 1390MAH and the AAs I have been using in my Fuji HS20 are rated at 2700MAH and the Sanoy Eneloops are rated at 2000MAH.

I immediate read several reviews of the camera and say the battery packs lasting up to 1000 images

How many images can I really expect for each battery when fully charged? I know with my Sanyo Eneloops I get upwards of 500 images but they have higher MAH rating. So wondering how the review site got 1000 images. Maybe they are correct. Just wondering what people in the real word get from these batteries.

I plan to test drive the camera on Saturday Oct 1st at a large scale community event (I will have my Fuji there as a back-uo) and want to make sure I have enough battery power for the camera and if I need another battery would like to know before hand and not in the middle of shooting.


corkpix Sep 22, 2011 7:29 AM

Lithium-ion batteries have a greater energy density than NiMH AA cells.
Your AA rechargables have a greater capacity because they are bigger.
Four AA cells are bigger than the two Li-ion cells in the Canon battery.
Another factor to consider is the different voltages. ~1.2v vs ~3.6v per cell.
This means a 1000mAh 7.2v (two cell) battery will deliver more energy than
a 1000mAh 4.8v (four cell) NiMH battery.

My Canon 500D/T1i spec says it will take 400 shots per charge.
I find that I get something close to this in practice. I rarely use flash
or live-view. Most DSLRs will manage several hundred shots between
charges. Heavy use of live-view, flash or a large stabilised lens will
reduce the number of shots per charge.

Canon rate the 30D at:
"*750 shots per battery charge, according to CIPA standard testing."

Photo 5 Sep 22, 2011 9:07 PM

Thanks for the info and explaination


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