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PaulDwyer Jan 7, 2005 12:03 AM

The batteries certainly do not last long in my brand new Canon A95. I guess I will have to buy the rechargeable batteries and charger.

However, is it possible to charge the batteries while they are still in the camera by use of the AC adapter? Some other makes of cameras have this feature.

I am just worrying that the constant inserting/removing of the four batteries will damage the battery cover lock. Or has anyone heard of this type of damage occuring before?

Thank you for any help.

Mike25 Jan 7, 2005 12:56 AM

You must buy the rechargeable batteries. 2100 NIMH or higher. You will be surprised to see how fast the rechargeables lose power as well...if you're taking alot of shots or otherwise fooling around. The less you use the flash and LCD, the more your batteries will last. Buy a spare set so you can always have charged ones on hand and ready to go. Opt for the rapid charger as well. The battery cover seems sturdy enough so I wouldn't worry about it. Nice camera though, huh? I've been very pleased. This is my first digital camera and I'm having a blast with it.

One problem I have been experiencing...and it is really that soon after Iinstall freshly charged batteries, when turning the camera on, it tells me to "change the batteries" despite the fact that there is still plenty of life in them. I am not using Canon rechargeables and I wonder if this is why? Maybe it does not read the battery life of other manufacturers well? Just a guess, but it is extremely annoying because it shuts the camera down and you have to turn it back on. Can anyone please comment on this?

Nicolas Jan 7, 2005 3:51 PM

The problem Mike has is very weird for me.

I own the A95 and the batteries that came with the camera lasted between 40 and 50 shots. I bought a Maha C204W charger as well as 2 sets of Powerex 2300mAh batteries and on the first use of set A, I was able to take 209 pictures while with set B I was able to take 284 pictures. This was done with the first use of NiMH batteries, keep in mind that it takes about 5 charges for them to get to their maximal capacity. Those numbers are counting 100% LCD use, between 50 and 75% flash use and some reviewing of each pictures at least once. With the rechargeable batteries I was also making some films, using the cord to plug the camera on the tv to show the pictures to people. Also, for the NiMH batteries each set was used over a period varying between 3weeks and 1 month, so keep in mind that they considerably self discharged during that period of time. This brings me to one of the 2 disadvantages of NiMH batteries, they have a more or less high self discharge rate; the other problem being their loss of power in very cold temperature. Definitively with good rechargeable batteries(and good charger) you should get 300 shots easily(after 5 recharge).

When buying a charger, make sure its an intelligent charger, I'd suggest either the Maha C204W, Maha C401FS or the Lightning Pack 4000N. When buying NiMH batteries do NOT use them before recharging them, it is recommended to leave them in the charger for 24hrs on their first charge(provided that the charger you bought does trickle charge).

spark Jan 7, 2005 5:09 PM

Paul, the Powershot A series does not allow for in camera battery charging. Most, if not all, cameras that allow for such charging uses proprietary batteries. Save yourself the money and don't buy an AC adapter and buy a decent charger with some good batteries - look in the accessory section of this website. As for possible wear on the battery cover mechanism I wouldn't worry too much about it. Just use it gently and it will last a very long time.

Mike- I had an A75 with some "dead" pixel elements (CCD) that had the same problem from time to time. As I replaced the batteries with freshly charged batteries the same "Change the batteries" would show. It occurred a couple of times when I removed the CF card and put it back in as well. I ended up getting a new A75 due to the "dead" pixels and my new camera doesn't have the "Change the battery" bug. It is definitely not because you're not using Canon batteries. If you can return it for a new unit or if you can't send it in for repair - although I would only send things in for serious problems for fear of other strange problems cropping up after warranty repair.


Mike25 Jan 7, 2005 6:16 PM

Spark-thanks for the heads up! I just got off the phone with Canon tech support and I think I'm gonna send it in for service. I bought the camera on-line and returning it would be too much of a hassle.I bought it through and theyhave a stupid return policy and frankly,I think my eligibility to return/replace the item has expired. I'm going to role the dice with Canon and have them repair it. Thanks again!

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