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Hi, I have the Energizer 2500mah AA batteries and I have about 12-16 batteries. Most of the time they sit on the shelf waiting to be used. To avoid capacity loss or perminant damage I charge them up once a month to keep them topped off. Should I charge them up more often? Please give any tips on keeping batteries charged up while sitting idle. Thank you.

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If you want a NiCd or NiMH to last many years if you rarely use them, then the expert advice is to DISCHARGE down to 1.0 volt per cell and recharge them once a month.

I've learnt the hard way- I have several battery packs that I have for radios - I would use the main pack and only occasionally tp up the spare pack. Now the main pack has good capacity and the spare has very low capacity. This only after cycling the spare using the Swallow charger to discharge/charge it five times.

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Hello Dan,

The storage of NiMh batteries is the subject of much debate.

According to the instructions that came with my charger (Schulze isl 6-330d), the suggestions that Mike has brought forthare correct.

My charger as an automatic program that discharges the cells down to 1.0 volts, and I am instructed to use the automatic charge/discharge function every 30 days.

I also know of several people that keep their cells charged during storage, but they also cycle them through a discharge/charge cycle every 30 days. They report good success as well.

I am not sure how important the state of charge is during storage, but think the cycling is very important. Self discharge form large crystals in the battery chemistry. These large crystals inhibit the batteries performance, but are usually broken up by a few charge/discharge cycles. I believe the lower the state of charge, the fewer crystals are formed, so the theory supports storage at 1.0 volts.

Another thing to consider is the temperature during storage. If you are looking at long term storage, you may consider putting them in a zip loc bag in the refrigerator (not the freezer). If you do this, remember to let them warm up to room temperature before charging. The cooler temperature inhibits the chemical activity and you could probably go 2 months between cycling them.

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If I will not be using the batteries in the next week, I put them in the Refrigerator as suggested.

For NiCd/NiMH there is no harm in storing them fully charged.

With LiIon you need to charge them only to 40% if putting storage, otherwise if fully charged or discharged, crystals will form that damage the cell.

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