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I'm new here and my wife just bought a Kodak Z712. It's an awsome camera, she loves it.But, she goes through batteries like crazy. This is one of the only forums I've found so far talking about the batteries for this camera and I have a question I hope you can answer.

It seems that the batteries die very quickly and I'm not sure if that's normal. As you know, this Z712 came with the disposable CRV3. It tanked within a couple of days and probably about 100 pics taken. Just for fun we tried regular AA's - won't do that again....hehehe.My wife gota re-chargable CRV3 and it didn't make it past 30 pics (I personally don't think she charged it fully).

I see that you can also use a re-chargable battery called KLIC8000. I guess there are also re-chargable AA's that are even better than the li-ion's? My question is, what is the difference between the re-chargable CRV4 and KLIC8000? Also, what re-chargable battery is best, from li-ion's, AA's and so on. There are just way too many choices!


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I bought a Z712is about 6 weeks ago, and am very pleased with it. I rapidly found out that it won't work for long (about 50 images in one trial) on fully-charged AA Ni-MHs. It was supplied with only a disposable CRV3, which I soon got through while playing around.

I have been getting good performance on my pair of rechargeable CRV3 batteries, one Uniross, and one 'Digital' which came with a 'Vanson' 240VAC/12V DC-powered charger from the 'Maplin' UK gadget store. I recommend you get a rechargeable (or better, two) from a third-party supplier.

However the battery life has been nothing like as good as others have reported round here, though I don't think I use high current drain facilities (notably the screen) very much. I've also found it very variable, so I think energy consumption must vary widely according to just how you're using it.

Also I usually find very little time to change after the low battery indicator appears. Thisis very different from other users' experiences. So I always carry a fully-charged spare, and a disposable one as well, which I intend to keep unused until its sell-by date of 2016.

There has been some dicussion of the Z712 in the Kodak forum. As it's quite a new model, it won't take you long to do a quick search on "Z712" and "Z712is" in these forums, and read everything that everyone has said.

Good luck, & enjoy the camera - it's the best all-rounder I've ever had, and I've had a lot over the years, including 6 digicams.

Alan T
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