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Default cp4300 battery

maybe someone can help me with a few quetsions , i have just bought a cp4300 but i find that the battery runs out very fast .
what is my best option to do either buy another battery or i heard you can get special packs for this camera ,or is it worth buying a recharger for the car for when i go out with the car?
how long does the standard battery i get with the camera last for and is there a certain way i have to recharge it because i heard that batteries on some cameras have to be drained out before you can recharge them again?
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Default cp4300 batteries...

I bought two extra Uniross 750 Mah EN EL1 Li-Ion 7.4V
batteries for my CP 4300.

I never calculate the time or the shots.

May be 70-80 shots with monitor on.

But like all digital cameras CP 4300 is power hungry too...

There are lots of replacementt batteries for EN EL1.

Higher "Mah" will last longer. Try to buy a known brand.

Good luck with your baby..................................
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Default Battery Qeustion With En-EL1 on CP4300

Unfortunately, your CP4300 can only accept 2 types of batteries, the rechargeable EN-EL1 Li-ion and the disposable 2CR5 Lithium batteries. There's no other alternative except getting an additional battery and perhaps with a higher capacity one like The Conqueror said.

If you are on the road a lot, you have three or any one of #2 & #3 + #1 options to choose from:
1. Buy additional EN-EL1 preferrably with higher capacity - the easiest and most convenient way;
2. Buy a car charger with - more like having an insurance
3. If your camera comes with a seperate/external charger, you can buy a seperate DC-to-AC Inverter (converter) to be used in the car - also like an insurance but you get an extra device that can offer addition service other charging your camera's battery.

In regards to the number of shot you can get with the original EN-EL1 came with your camera, if The Conqueror can get 70~80 shots out of his 750mAh EN-EL1, your original EN-EL1 should get around 65 shots assuming its capacity is 650mAh.

EN-EL1 is a lithium-ion battery, which in theory, should not have memory effects, therefore, should have to completely discharged(drain) each time you use it. Besides, that's one of the benefits of Lithium-ion battery that you can take advantage of anyway. However, I do recommend you to completely drain the bettery and recharge it once every month to extend the life of your battery.

Hope this is helpful.
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Their is an alternative to your battery problem. Click on this link for a battery pack from Thomas distributing.


Steve provides a review of the battery pack and I always received great products from Thomas distributing.

I bought some extra batteries for 5700.
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I own a CP4300 and just purchased a Digipower DPS-9000 from Kits Camera for $39.95. This is an external battery pack that works on just about every digital camera. It comes with all cables, AC charger and also a 12V cigarette lighter cable. This battery mounts to the bottom of your camera via the tripod socket and has it's own tripod socket on the bottom.

Here's a nice feature I like... The battery makes a handy portrait grip fir the camera.

Theerre is a review at: http://www.imaging-resource.com/ACCS...00/DPS9000.HTM
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