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Default Eneloop XX in AAA

The wikipedia entry on Sanyo eneloop NiMH batteries tells about the introduction of the new XX series batteries.


Clearly they are more expensive and offer more mAh. There may be other tradeoffs, perhaps a compromise vs. the "1500" cycle classic on the cumulative lifetime capacity potential (total number of recharges to death-spiral)?

The AA size are readily available in the Americas; the AAA size have only been introduced in Asia and Europe.

1) Are these new batteries worth the premium?

2) If so, how long will it take Sanyo to introduce them in North America?

A number of my applications are low-load/slow-drain ones like TV remote and remote thermometer.

Anyone have a comment on how I should compare the discharge rate for three AAA's in series in a cordless telephone vs. say, a digital camera?


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Lately Ive been using lots of the 3rd generation Eneloops (as some of the local stores are dumping them).

I wouldnt use them in low drain devices like TV remotes as batteries in uses like that tend to die more so from "end of shelf life". Alkaline batteries for my remotes typically last a couple years and thus I wouldnt consider using rechargeables there as you would be recharging more so because of the "time leak down" than the actual use.

Both camera's and radio phones are much more heavy users of power. When using any built in flash and/or an LCD screen, cameras would be expected to be higher than a phone. Typically, both cameras and phones employ rechargeable batteries.

My approach has been to use standard alkalines in low current use devices and rechargeables in high current devices which are regularly used. Eneloops are okay if you are willing to afford them as they seem to be a higher quality battery that holds up well over time/with age.
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eneloop XX are not worth the price - for 25% more capacity you get leeeeeess rechargings - and you have to pay a higher (double) price.

best (and cheap) eneloops are 3UTGA/3UTGB - forget other rechargeable AAs/AAAs

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Still using my 1st gen eneloops purchased in 2007.
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Default Eneloop HR-3UTGB

I scored some AA 4-packs on ebay and they arrived today. The mfg. date is 2013 yet individual cell voltage is 1.30-1.31 . Amazing.
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