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juandelacruz wrote:
A pdf file is available in the Energizer website,


According to the manual, charging current for AA is 1800 mA and 800 mA for AAA. Without losses, 1800mA will charge a 1800mAH battery in 1 hour, but since there are losses ( someone in the forum said his battery does not heat up during charging!), charging will be a little bit more than 1 hour.

This means that if you are charging 2500 mAH, it will theoretically be fully charge at 1.3 hours. If the charging stops charging your 2500mAH in less than 1 hour then something is wrong. It maybe that your battery interna resistance has gone up ( bad ) or the battery is charged when it is still partially charged.
I picked up the phone and called them. They were very helpful/informative. They told me that this charger was not designed for the newer (higher capacity) batteries, but it will charge them, albeit finishing at the trickle charge rate so it will take up to 3 hrs to fully charge a 2500mah battery. The clarification that I got on this is that the charger charges for no more than 1 hr at the full charging rate and then goes to trickle. Unfortunately, the lights will turn OFF indicating that the battery(s) is/are charged when in fact they are not. This assumes that the battery(s) was/were mostly discharged. As for blr's request for a picture, a summery page with pictures can be obtained by going to http://data.energizer.com/and selecting "Chargers Rechargeable" in the pull down under "Product Group" then selecting the charger from the list of ALL of their chargers.

Soap box warning. I think that we will always be frustrated by the big battery maker's rechargeable offerings. We like rechargeable batteries becauseWE save money. That means that rechargeable cost THEM money. Could this be why their rechargeable offerings seem to be almost an after thought? I think they know that it would be politically devastating for them to NOT offer rechargeables, but they are not giving it their best effort, just enough to keep anyone from being able to start up a business whose focus is rechargeables. What are we supposed to do, buy a new charger every time the capacity goes up? I think they'd like that. Also, look at the capacity of the C and D cells-they're the same as the AA. LitiumIon batteries have been around since the mid 90's but we do not see their larger capacity and lighter weight available in the retail market. Maybe now that tools are starting to use LiOn batteries we will see them in this market. Bet we'll need a new charger.:angry:
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Hello Bruceh,

If you have a charger that "times out" before the higher capacity batteries are fully charged, you can let them cool down, then start the charge over again. This allows you to limit your charger purchases.

On the other hand, most (if not all) quality chargers will be set up to fully charge high capacity cells without problems. If you happen to pick up one of these, you will not have to get several "cheap" chargers as the cell capacities increase.

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