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I've got one of those digipower external battery powerpacks...and would like to knwo if it can be used with this camera.

If not, anyone else here use an external powerpack?

tia! :|
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Personally, I havenot seen a DigiPower external battery pack for the S5IS and found nothing on their website about external packs ... rechargers, yes. That does not mean they do not have any, only that I have not seen any.

However, Quantum Instruments (http://www.qtm.com/Turbo/?res_set=ye...4&resh=768 ) makes them forthose of us who need tons of power for our flashes and who may well also want to power their cameras with the same pack ... but, again,I havenot noticed an adapter for the S5IS or any of theP&S cameras. BTW, external packs ain't cheap!!! And, of course, there are a few other suppliers providing competition.

Generally, I find my dSLR camera batteries last more than long enough (weddings, etc.)as long as my external flash has plenty of juice. And forthose flashesI find external battery packs quite useful.

So, depending on the type of external flash you use, I am sure there is an external pack that will work for your hot-shoed or otherwise externally connected flash.

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The battery life is quite good on this camera when you use Energizer lithium or rechargeable NiMH batteries.

If you're using alkaline batteries, switching to rechargeable will get you a lot longer battery life.

Since this camera has a hot shoe, you can just use an external flash with its own batteries so you won't have the camera batteries powering the flash.
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