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Default Get Exactly what you want in the Disney Infinity Power Packs

There are 3 methods in obtaining every item in the disney infinity packs and spending the least amount of money possible.
1) Rounded vs Hexagonal. You can feel the edges of the pieces in the pack in the stores. I've found double packs of the circular powers, meaning it's easier to get those if you need them. Since powers can be doubled up, getting doubles of these won't be a waste.
2) Rares have holographic surfaces. You know those pictures that change depending on the angle you look at them? The rares are made of the same material. Since Disney has kindly packaged them with the image facing the edge of the package, gently rub your fingernail across the surface on each side of the pack. If you feel a smooth surface, that's a normal disc. If you feel a rough surface like that of a holographic image, congrats, you found a rare! I was able to sift through 2 unopened boxes of power packs and found 6 rares between the two, so they'll still be hard to find.
3) Scan the power packs through the packaging. If your store has an actual demo booth (not the video one) then this saves more time. Simply feel out if the side is hexagonal or circular and place it on the appropriate position. If you have a mixed pack, you can still do this.
It'll say invalid power disc, but it will still show you the one that fit. For the circular disc, you can remove the character quickly and check what the power disc is.
If you don't have a demo booth at your store, just purchase a bunch and take them home to try. Grab some sticky notes and label them so you don't get them confused. Keep the ones you need and return the extras back to the store.
As long as Disney doesn't change how the packaging is, you'll be able to do this for set 2 and 3, meaning you won't have to spend a bunch of money getting duplicates.
However, considering how there's only a limited amount of discs, you'll bound to get duplicates. I've kept packs that contained duplicates because it still had another piece that I need.
Hope that helps everyone from spending a bunch of money hoping to get what they want.
Happy hunting!
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