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Just the subject I was looking for. I seem to have same problem with Energizer NiMH 2300's and X1Charge PRo. When charged I have shot all day on a set. Other times I have put extra set in camera and they are dead. My question is that if you are not sure of the current charge due to having been a week or two since charging, can you put all of them on a charge, even if some may be partially full? Is there any harm or memory problem. I had the same problem with Oly batteries and slow charger, which is why I bought three other sets. If I can' t top them off to make sure before important shoot coming up, what is the answer? Thanks for help.
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Have a look at this article:


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been using nimh batteries for several years, one thing is that new nimh batteries will not hold the same charge as cycled batteries, i mean ones that have been fully charged/discharged several times.
i currently use them only for 35mm flash photagraphy and a set of 18month old rayovac 1800mAh AA batts last forever on a full charge out of the flash, and i have had no problems getting several rolls of film shot with them stuck in the flash for over a month, even after some prior usage.
it would seem that barring other factors ...proper charging and peak detecting chargers might help with those who are having problems, the wall mount included chargers you get for 30 buck with a set off nimh batts just arnt reliable or sophisticated enough for my tastes to charge these batteries properly, i use a R/C hobby type charger with thermal and peak detection circuitry. it gives the batteries a absolute , no doubt about it, FULL charge, every time. something to consider. i bought my peak charger at a local hobby shop for under $50. it will charge 4-8 cells at a swat.(note: dont charge at over 1amp)

As far as lithium Ion rechargables.....well they are the best. if your buying a digital camera. for me at least, i would stick with cameras that come standard with LI ion packs. they hold charge very well over long periods of non use and have very low internal resistance and mah" capacity. i believe most manufacturers reccomend discharge li ions before long term storage though. I have used them in my canon and sony cameras over the years and have yet to have one.... even my oldest most worked li ion go bad or degrade enough to need replacement.
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You may want to look into ipower battery. The vendor
claims their battery with very low self-discharge rate.
I have yet to see any battery comparison report on
the self-discharge rate.
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