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jhbaik Oct 18, 2002 4:04 PM

How many batteries are required for NikonCP5000?
Hi, many experts! This is one of newbies..
I'd like to make homemade battery pack for cp5000 using rechargable batteries. I'll make a battery pack with serial connection of batteries and connect it to DC input port in cp5000. Just the most simple one.... My question is that

1. from CP5000 manual, I need 6X1.2V batteries. Also, it says 6 Volts is required too! In actual, how many batteries do I need? 5X1.2 Volts=6 Volts ? or 6*1.2Volts=7.2Volts like manual says. It confuses me. Need answer from real experience.

2. can I use all of recharable AA, Li-Ion, NiCd, NiMh? and does capacity and type of batteries (1400mAh...3000mAh...type-C-NiCd...type-D-NiMh...) matter for this pack? of course, if I select one kind, then I'll use only one kind of those....

Looking forward to your kind answer. Have a nice weekend.


ps: all you guys are bad.... I cannot do my work even at work place after knowing this site... this site is so addictive nice .... I'm sleeping even with my new cp5000 in these days. ^.^ :wink:

jhbaik Oct 18, 2002 4:09 PM

And, could you recommand good batteries at good price?
I forgot to ask you one more thing.
Could you recommand good batteries at good price? and where I can get those? I need good ones at good price like all you guys.
We're having cold rain in Wisconsin.... :cry:

voxmagna Oct 18, 2002 6:54 PM

I don't know the cam so this is V. general advice. The dc input connector is regulated, so the volts are constant. Sounds like your cam is 6V dc. All batteries when charged are higher in voltage, and drop over time. Some types drop more than others. Say your cam has 4 AA batts. That's 4.8 Volts when fully charged, but the cam may be designed to work ok down to say 4.5 volts or lower, to allow for batts discharging.

OK, back to the dc input port. It may be designed to take 6V dc in, but there may be a regulator circuit after it, so the cam is actually running at 4.5 or 5 volts. If you connect 6 volt or greater batteries to the dc input connector,you may find they don't last as long as 4 batts in the cam.

You mention all kinds of batteries, each needing different chargers and having different voltages. I would try to find somebody who has done what you are suggesting first. Digicams are expensive bits of kit to mess with on the dc/batt supply side. Personally, I wouldn't even trust a no-name dc supply, unless I knew something about it.

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