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I happened upon this excellent Wikipedia article just now, on Ni-MH rechargeables in general. It was last amended last Friday (30May), and seems pretty up-to-date to me...


It gives a readable summary of how they work, how to charge them,and how not to misuse them, and should be comprehensible to anyone who remembers a bit of high school chemistry & physics.

In particular,near the end, it discussesthe low-self-discharge 'hybrid' types, ascribes the innovation to a novel separator, and most pertinently lists the brand names of numerous varieties on the market.

Every digicam owner should read it! If they did, it would save me many pointless hours explaining,a great deal less effectively, some of the same things to friends & acquaintances.

Happy bedtime reading!

P.S. The sister article on Li-ion systems is also very good, and now IMHO equals the equivalent parts of http://www.batteryuniversity.com.

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Li-ion_battery. It's especially goods on hints & tips for preserving the life of your Li-ion batteries, (which isn't enormously long, whatever you do!).

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Hi Alan and thanks for the pointers to what promises to be a good read.

Recently, I purchased some Camlink Ready To Go AAs and a Maha MH-C204W intelligent charger.

Best thing I ever done.....my battery concerns are now history:|.


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Hi again, Alan. I've read thosemost interesting articles on Wikipedia and they've answered all the possible questions I could have posed about low-discharge NiMH batteries.

When I bought my Camlinks, which I had never heard of (only Sanyo eneloops), the vendor assured me they were as good as any other make. I can see why now as they are merely rebranded from one of the only three manufacturers that make that technology and all three are respected household names with impeccable 'track records'.

I learn something really useful every time I visit Steve's forums thanks to members like you. Not forgetting Steve, of course.
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