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I have a bunch of NiMH batteries (probably 40 or more) - some AAA's ranging from 750 to 850mAh and some AAs ranging from 1800 to 2300mAh.
Currently I'm using a Radio Shack charger (23-422) and it doesn't seem to be fully charging the batteries, and I can't charge different sizes simultaneously.

What charger can I get that:
will charge at least 8 or 10 batteries simultaneously
can charge different size, chemistry, and charge level batteries simultaneously
doesn't charge too slow (i.e. 2300mAh AAs or 850mAh AAAs can be fully charged from fully dead in under 4 hours for 12 batteries)
can charge any quanty of any type of battery it supports (for example doesn't require sets)
(not required right now, but someday I might use it) charges C, D, 9v, rechargeable alkaline, li-ion, etc.

What would I pay for a decent charger like that?

Alternatively, what could I get for... $15? $25? $40? $55? $80? (including shipping and/or tax where applicable)
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I recently got a Titanium V4000 at Amondotech - http://www.amondotech.com/index.asp?...ROD&ProdID=508
Small, light, supposedly one of the "smart" chargers. Advertised to "heal" and fully charge damaged batteries.

So far so good - no problems. I like it's small size and the fact that it is self-contained: the outlet plugs conveniently swivel out of the unit - it doesn't use a separate wired wall wart.

I figured at US$15, it was worth a try. So far, I like it a lot.
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My Radio Shack charger also has seen its final days. After researching I just ordered a La Crosse BC 900. Don't know if I'll like it yet from what I have read I don't think I'll do anything other than save on batteries. I found several sites selling them but I opted to order from a startup co. The owner is a member on this forum so I felt the extra $4 was okay. The site is: https://www.jsburlys.com/shop/produc...34d1cc2ab4b7a6

I am not affiliated with the owner/company . . . just like to see new companies fly. Best~
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