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EGreen Jan 4, 2007 4:40 AM

I've been still trying to figure out what to power my Kodak C533 with. The Energizer "ER-CRV3 NiMh 2000MAH" hasn't been up to what I want. In as little as 40-50 shots that I took at Christmas time the low battery message was coming on.

So I was thinking about getting the Kodak K6100 that includes four 2500MAH NiMh batteries. From my understanding the four of those will last me a lot longer than my little battery pack.

So I'm planning on basically scraping this lack luster pack and using the 2500MAH rechargables. Since the camera can sit and maybe take as little as 5-10 pictures a week I was planning on using CRV3 Lithiums for the "small stuff" since I wouldn't have to worry about charging them and I would get a lot of "time" out of them. I would then use the 2500MAH for events where I would be taking large amounts of photos like family gatherings and I'm sure at the bigger car shows I could hit well over 200 pictures if I was on a roll :)

How long can I let 2500mah batteries sit before the lose charge or will be damaged from not being charged? Could I stick them in the freezer to preserve their life?

I have been really happy with the camera itself and its picture quality :)

blr Jan 4, 2007 6:25 AM

Kodak 2500 mAh cells are made by Sanyo. There have been numerous reports that after a few months of use these start to self-discharge at much faster rate than they should, basically going to 0 for about a week.

I'd recommend getting the Sanyo Eneloop cells. These have much lower self-discharge. According to Sanyo they retain 85 % of their capacity after 1 year of storage at room temperature. There haven't been independent testing confirming this, but it looks like this claim is not far from truth.

Kodak k6100 is basically a rebadged Sanyo MQH01 charger and not a bad one

EGreen Jan 4, 2007 3:06 PM

Thank you for the reply, I will look for the Sanyo equipment and cells.

Do the eneloops last longer than most other 2000Mah batteries? Reason I ask is because my energizer was rated at 2000mah and that didn't last for very long, althought it still was taking pictures the low battery light came on.

Would that Kodak/Sanyo charger be ok to use with eneloops?

I'm pretty new to the rechargable battary thing :)

Maybe it would be a better idea to get the Sanyo Eneloops for those periods of times between large events and use the Lithium CRV3's for the large picture days. I'm really basically trying not to have to carry batteries with me.

I see circuit city carries them, will have a look their, on Amazon I can get the 4 battery quick charger and 8 batteries for 40, even if I got 70 shots (w/flash) out of a set that would get me over 280 shots which isn't bad. Thats assumeing this 2000mahs perform like the 2000mah energizer.

Outside, w/o flash I'm sure I could over 100 shots with one set so 400 shots isn't out of the question.

I'm thinking "out loud" :idea: these eneloops look to be the direction I need to go.

EGreen Feb 3, 2007 6:13 PM

So far am VERY happy with the eneloops, especially their cold weather performance, taking a few shots today in the low teens to single digits did not bring up the low battery symbol like the previous powerpack.

Also they seem to last really well, took around 100 pictures with and w/o flash and didn't have a single low battery instance, also they do indeed hold their charge much longer than regular NiMh batteries, am very happy with them.

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