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Hai Christov,

I want to know what finally happend about your Rechargable batteries? Where did you find them? can you provide me some info.. As this is also my problem.... i stay in bangalore....
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hello everyone.

i stumbled over this forum trying to find a solution for my problem. i ordered some generic charger and battery for my z812is only to find that the battery won't power my camera.

instead of even trying, i would like to ask if anyone of you might want to ship a kodak original klic-8000 to méxico for me. i have tried to find it here but it's just not possible. i purchased my camera in new york, but i thought i will do fine with alkalines, but you all know how that story goes.

anyways, i have paypal so i can pay that way or i can order the original battery and ship it to one of you. i can send something in return, although right now i don't know what i can lure you with, hehehehe.

anyways, if one of you finds this offer interesting, please let me know. i don't want to make the same mistake twice. i'll never buy generic again.

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Old Oct 23, 2008, 7:01 PM   #43
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I joined this group recently after seeing all the talk on the KlIC-8000 Battery issues

I received a Battery and charger with my camera. After 10-20 shots, the camera would turn off by itself within seconds of being turned on & the battery indicator low would show

I tried charging these batteries 3 hrs as suggested and 10 hours also, no difference, which leads me to believe that they wear out fast as they are inferior. I bought a GENERIC KLIC 3.6 Volt 1600MAH battery from my favorite BESTBATTS.COM, and this did the same exact thing after 4 months. I paid $8.00 for this battery. Now, after reading all your complaints, I did extensive research and found that if you search Google for KLIC 8000 3.7Volt 2000mah batteries, you can see that they are available for anywhere from $17.50 to 30.00

My SUPPLIED Battery says 3.6V 1600mAh, but it does NOT state NiMH or Lithium anywhere

Can anyone tell me if the difference in voltage and MaH is going to make a difference and has anyone seen or used this battery? I am ready to buy, but after reading a complete story on ALL the knockoff fraud products, it could be the same product labeled differently. I CANNOT find THIS 3.7Volt battery direct from KOdak, so i will know its original, thats why i am thinking its a FAKE???

The following link is what I found and it STATES LITHIUM ION and a 3YR WARRANTY:https://www.vistek.ca/store/ProPhoto...n-battery.aspx

and this one also: http://shopxtreme.com/kodak-klic8000...ty-p-1409.html

and maybe I will order today, but my charger that was supplied says Dc4.2Vmax output @ 600 mA. Is this going to charge a 2000 mAh battery?

Hope this helps

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Old Oct 26, 2008, 12:50 PM   #44
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jbmailll wrote:
...my charger that was supplied says Dc4.2Vmax output @ 600 mA. Is this going to charge a 2000 mAh battery?
"mA" stands for milliAmperes, and is the rate of flow of electricity. The hydraulic, plumbing equivalent is litres per second.

"mAh" stands formilliAmpere-hours, and is a quantity of electrical charge, a precise number of electrons moved from somewhere to somewhere else.The hydraulic equivalent is litres, or cubic metres of a fluid.

A millampere flowing for an hour into your battery will put 1.0 mAh of electricity into it.

So yes, this charger will charge your lithium-ion battery. If the process were 100% efficient it would take 2000mAh/600mA = 3.33h, at full output starting from a completely flat battery. In practice the battery shouldn't be empty, and the charger will detectwhen the battery is full and stop charging.The battery will start at well below 4.2V, so current flows into the battery, and charging will stop when the voltage gets to a point rather nearerto 4.2V.

How much energy these electrons represent when they are moved uphill by a charger or when they flow out through a camera depends on their potential energy, that is the voltage they are pumped up to. The hydraulic equivalent is pressure at the bottom when a fluid is pumped uphill to a high reservoir.

One millAmp, passing for one hour is 1.0mAh. If it passes up or down in voltage by 1 volt, it will represent 1 milliWatt-hour.A million of them is one kiloWatt-hour, kWh, a standard domestic 'unit' of electrical energy.

Wikipedia probably says all this better.
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I think kodak klic-8000 lots of shop you can find by search , i found kodak-klic-8000 battery on http://www.sales-battery.com/digital...-klic-8000.htmthough it is a american store they also provide UK shop.
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