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kodakmommy Feb 27, 2011 5:11 PM

Kodak z981 does anyone know the camera?
I just picked this camera up this week and love it already. The only thing I was wanting to know is if anyone knows of batteries that may work better then the Kodak? So far I haven't had any issues and they last for a few days, but i want to get more to have as back ups. I also was looking for batteries that may charge faster because the charger that came with it you have to leave in for 8-12 hours. Does anyone know of a better battery charger?

Thank You for any help :)

JayC_783 Feb 27, 2011 8:28 PM

When I was researching the Z981 a while back I knew the charger was garbage. I would highly recommend a smart charger like the LaCrosse BC9009. I have the BC900. It is the "previous" model. I don't know why they changed the model numbers. The BC900 and BC9009 are the same exact thing except for color. I love it. On another forum I go to it is always highly recommended along with the Maha Powerex C9000. The C9000 is huge compared to the BC9009. The BC9009 is more portable. Amazon has both. With a smart charger you can charge each cell independently (at different rates if you wish, too). A smart charger will properly terminate the charge when the battery is full. A dumb charger has to charge a battery in pairs and they have to be the same kind. Some dumb chargers don't even terminate charging when the battery is charged. A smart charger can improve the quality of the charge of the batteries. The BC9009 and Maha C9000 both have a lot of features. The BC9009 is real easy to use, though.

As far as recommending extra batteries I would recommend the low-self discharge type. When you don't use a battery they will eventually self-discharge. The LSD types can hold much more of a charge for much longer. For brands of LSD batteries I recommend the Sanyo Eneloop. The Duracell Precharged batteries with the white tops are rebranded Eneloops. I have those. Duracell also has black top precharged batteries so make sure you look. The black tops, if I remember correctly, are rebranded Rayovac Hybrids. They are a good battery, too. The Eneloops, and consequently the white top Duracells, are made in Japan. The black top Duracells are made in China. The precharged batteries that come with the Z981 are actually rather good. They are also rebranded Rayovac Hybrids if I remember right. A good smart charger would make a world of difference.

I hope I could help. :)

kodakmommy Feb 28, 2011 4:28 AM

Thank you!!!

kodakmommy Feb 28, 2011 5:09 PM

Would anyone know how to connect a neck strap? My strap is to wide where you connect the strap onto the camera. I don't want to send this strap back because it is very nice. I saw you can buy slip rings but where? Or is there another way?

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