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docmoon Jan 30, 2007 9:12 PM

To anyone considering doing business with Thomas Distributing, you can do so with confidence that you will be treated right.

I recently purchased the Maha BC-9000 charger, and was very pleased with it until one of the slots went dead. It wouldn't recognize the insertion of a battery, so it would perform no function.

I went to the Thomas website and reported the problem. One of the optionswas to have a replacement shipped immediately with Thomas charging your credit card, then crediting your card back when they received the return. I thought that was a reasonable and thoughtful way for them to handle returns, so I clicked that option, expecting Thomas to contact me for my credit card number.

Well, they didn't. Instead, they emailed me saying that they would ship the replacement without charging my card, and would include a prepaid UPS label for the return of the defective unit. The new unit arrived in short order as promised, with the return label included.

A company that trusts its customers, goes out of its way to make things right,stands completely behind their product, and exceeds its promised performance. What a concept! I for one wish everyone dealt with their customers with the same integrity as Thomas Distributing. Congratulations and thanks to Thomas, and my heartiest endorsement of the company.

coppertrail Jan 31, 2007 3:35 PM

I agree. All my dealings with TD have been excellent. I've put in about 7 or so orders during the last year, each has been a very positive "no hassle" experience :)

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