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manualfocus Feb 14, 2005 7:33 PM


I've just purchased a Canon Powershot A75.

Particularly as I've misplaced 2 of my 4 Panasonic AA 2100 NiMH rechargeable batteries, I'm looking to replenish my rechargeable battery stock.

Alas, after a comprehensive search at all of my local retail stores, there are none to be found.

1) Can I put different brand batteries in my Panasonic charger? For example, Energizer and/or Duracell?

2) Assuming the answer is yes, can I insert batteries in this charger that have a higher capacity than that of the 2100 batteries that came with the charger?

3) Am I correct in understanding that it is best to keep the batteries in groups of 4 (I say 4, because that's how many it takes to power the camera), and not to mix n' match groups?

4) Is there anything else I should be looking out for?

Thank you in advance.

Nicolas Feb 14, 2005 11:56 PM

You can put any NiMH ratings in your charger, but the question whether or not it will charge them completly is something I can't answer without knowing the kind of charger. An intelligent charger would probably charge them. And any brand of NiMH batteries can be charged in it.

You are right, it is best to keep the batteries in "team", what I mean is that you should always use the same group of batteries to do the same job, that way they always have similar charge and discharge cycles.

Also, a good charger is a great thing to have.

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