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Pure Energy offers a pre-charge NiMh batteries AA/AAA. Besides 2000mA and 1.2V. There is no other information to be found. Any one have this puppy?
BTW product made in China naturally. As opposed to Eneloops brand made in Japan.

Here is a site that I found one at:

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First I've heard of them. According to your link, they're made in Canada. At that price, I'd be inclined to stick with Eneloops or Imedions...


the Hun

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Old Jan 9, 2008, 1:33 AM   #3
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From what i've got they are really great first or second charge, but by the time you get to like, the 10th?, they hardly charge at all!, i've got these http://store.sundancesolar.com/aarayrecalba.htmland right now, they hardly light up my flashlight!

Best bet, stick to something else, Pure Energy doesn't have a great name, the only thing they're good for are flashlights, and some mp3 players, amoung some other non-draining devices.
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Old Jan 13, 2008, 5:32 PM   #4
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i just purchased a set of these by Rayovac. Target had them for like 9.00 bucks. I have heard, that because they don't loose or they loose there charge very slowly, they last 3 times longer than average rechargeables...
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From various threads on this forum and another I am in, it is better to stay with known brands. Eneloops have gotten very good reviews by everyone who has tried them - have not yet read a bad review.

Other known brands like Ray-O-Vac and Duracell should work as well. I've also used Uniross - but not their hybrids - and their batteries and chargers seem to work well.

Be careful, though, because China makes a lot of knock-offs.
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