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The instruction manual for my Fuji digital camera says fully charged NiMH batteries should be discharged after long storage by putting them in the camera and running a special program. I don't know what their idea of a "long" time is. But I had a pair of batteries that had been lying around in my camera bag charged up for a couple months, so I put them on this program. It took about 3.5 hours for them to discharge, so apparently they were plenty ready to go. So I wonder whether it's actually necessary to do this therapeutic discharging at all? If not, why do Fuji provide for it in their camera software?
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NiMH batteries will discharge when not used. I check mine regularly. If my memory serves me, it is recommended that you recycle after every 10 recharges. I know of no camera software that will do this since it is done in a charger and not in the camera. Look here for more on chargers and batteries.

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Hello Lemastre,

NiMh cells have a self discharge rate that will eventually completely drain them.

After 360 days, only about 8% of the initial full charge is left. The problem is that as the self discharge process takes place, large crystals are formed in the electrolyte. These large crystals limit the cells ability to deliver its full capacity.

To eliminate those large crystals, you need to cycle the cell by discharging and charging it back up. For peak performance, you may have to do it several times, but you will see results in one cycle.

I would define "long term storage" as over a year.

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