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What is the best way to storage NiMH rechargeable batteries between uses? Is there a certain type of pack or bag for them to be stored? Can you use ziplock bags?


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You can certainly use ziplock bags, or whatever else is convenient.

The most important thing about storing such batteries is that you want to make certain that there's no way that a short circuit can be made between the terminals on any single battery, or any set of batteries in a storage bag or pouch. Such a short circuit can quite easily cause a fire - even a single AA has more than enough energy in it to set fire to something.

This is important under all circumstances. It's even more important if you plan to carry the batteries with you when flying a commercial airliner, since the TSA has implemented new regulations involving the shipping or carriage of batteries onboard, and the security-gate checkers are likely to be watching out for batteries. Although the regs technically apply only to lithium batteries (I think), the checkers can seize anything that they personally consider unsafe. So, you should use a packaging method which is not only safe, but which also looks safe!

Some AA batteries are sold in 4-packs, with form-fitting plastic carrying/storage cases... I think I've seen Eleloops sold this way. These would probably be a good way to go, since there's no way that the batteries can roll around and contact anything metallic when stored in such cases. I imagine these are available for separate purchase but I have no idea where :O

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