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Default Recharging midway through battery cycle

Hello all. I need to know how much, if any, damage is done when recharging my D100, EN-EL3 batteries before they are completely dead. What's the best way to drain the batteries before recharging besides leaving the camera on all night?

I have the MD-100 battery pack/vertical grip, so I'm using two batteries at a time. The problem is that it's difficult to know exactly when the batteries are fixing to start dying down. The LCD reading will show full power right up until the batteries are starting to die down. It's difficult to discern just where I am on the "full power" range.

This past weekend, I was shooting a sports event and THOUGHT I had full power because my camera's LCD said I did. I was using an SB-24 flash, which died as expected after the first hour of continuous shooting. As soon as the battery power reading started to show that the camera batteries were dying down, it only took a short, short time before they were completely dead.

Any info or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
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Don't worry, recharge them whenever and forever long as you like, that's the beauty of lithium-ion packs.

Even if you left the D100 "on" for a week it wouldn't drain the batteries. The D100 times out and goes into energy-saving mode when you see the viewfinder info line or the top data LCD go blank.

As for your flash - were you using NiMH batteries in the flash? NiMH tend to go along great and when they reach the 1v discharge limit they pretty well just shut down. Most battery meters are designed to detect the voltage drop in alkalines which occurs in a more defined curve whereas the NiMH discharges in a flat curve and then just drops like a rock when it hits its lowerlimit.

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Along similar lines, the EN-EL3 manual states:

"If the battery will not be used for some time, run the battery flat before storing."

How long is "some time?"

I would like to leave my batteries charged and in the bag in case I have the sudden urge to go out and shoot. How long can I safely leave them charged before I should run them flat?


"Do not attempt to recharge a fully charged battery…"

What if I want to charge a battery while I am out to dinner? Do I need to fear leaving it in the charger because once the battery fills up because it would be both "fully charged" and in the charger?
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"Some time" is normally a few weeks, say, you are going away for a month and not taking your camera, run the batteries flat and remove them from the camera before you leave.

And to answer your second question. No, if in your case you put it on the charger and go to dinner. When you get back it should be fully charged and the charger knows this and will stop charging it as soon as it is fully charged.
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