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these batteries do have a fast self-discharge. I bought 1 set (4) AAs and experienced this. so I bought another set a few months later... same thing. it doesnt seem like a bad batch or anything like that. its just how they are

it seems that for the most part, there is a link between the capacity of the battery and the discharge. most of the batteries you see claiming low self-discharge are 2200mah or so max.

does anyone know of a high capacity (say.. 2500mah+) that claims a low self-discharge? if so please post a link. and hopefully they dont cost 2x as much right lol

for now I'm going with some AccuEvolution 2200mah LSD batteries
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No there are no high capacity LSD cells, Sanyo eneloops and RayOVac Hybrids are good.
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Terrible NiMH batteries. Avoid Duracell 2650ma NiMH batteries at all cost. Ordered couple packs from Staples, and it was OK for the first few uses. Now I can charge, and maybe use it for a day or two right after they are charged. Else, they are dead. I cannot keep charged batteries as a backup as if they were Rayovac Hybrids.
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Thanks a bunch for your insight here. This really helped.

~ Sam

Originally Posted by itsme000 View Post
Update 12/05/06:

I've had these 2650mAh AA batteries for perhaps six months and they've been through perhaps several tens of cycles. One set of four for evaluation, another set of four for my camera. The evaluation set have had tens of full charge/discharges cycles through them, but the camera set have not received many.

Most of charging is performed on Duracell brand 15 min or 30 min charger and testing on a LaCrosse BC-900.

My Eval set have developed high self-discharge and permanent loss of capacity. Two out of four are down to 2.2Ah and it loses more than half the capacity in a few weeks. They all tested around 2.67Ah when they were new. My testing shows these degrade significantly before you reach nowhere near the ~500 cycles that is typically claimed for NiMH batteries.

I purchased four Duracell 2650mAh AA rechargeable batteries. Available at Wal-Mart for $10.

In order to test these as accurately as possible with limited test equipments, I tried to simulate the test procedure used by the battery industry. (0.1C x 16 hrs, one hour rest, followed by 0.2C to 0.9 to 1v end voltage)

Charge method: 0.36A x 9 hours on a dumb, timer controlled charger.
They were allowed to sit around for an hour or two, then discharged. The 0.36A rate wasn't chosen for any particular reason. That is what the dumb charger I have available happens to provide.

Batteries were allowed to rest a few hours, then discharged.

Discharge method: 0.5A(should be 0.54, but my discharger can't do more than 0.5A), end voltage 1.0v (it should be 0.9v, but stupid BC-900 reads 0.1v lower than actual)

Test result:

2.68Ah, 2.78Ah, 2.78Ah, 2.63Ah. This is what I got the VERY FIRST cycle. Amazing!

Average: 2.72Ah. Notice that every cell's capacity is +/- 4% from the average value. This is very good.

The package says "Made in Japan" and charging instruction says "270mA x 16 hours" which leads me to believe these could be Sanyo 2700mAh. The cells lack the "-HR-" symbol on the bottom, which is consistent with the Sanyo's 2700mAh.

These are very good batteries, however I'm not implying that "Duracell" rechargeables are very good per se. The OEM source they used(most likely Sanyo) is very good.

I have some Duracell 2100mAh Made in China batteries and they're very poor quality.

Update: ok, since you don't use just one cell at a time, I tested the performance in a four cell series config. The Wh figure is for all four cells combined.

Test result
3.17watt-hour (per cell )
1.06oz each. Probably the heaviest battery ever.
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