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Hello all,

I'm going to Africa for a couple of years to teach English, and I recently purchased an Olympus Stylus 790SW, my first camera (hence my total ignorance). It uses a lith-ion battery (model LI-42B), and it has a standard AC charger for the battery. However, odds are that I will not have electricity (among other things), and I'm looking for solar power solutions, if they exist. Does anyone know of a solar charger that will charge lithium-ion batteries, or any other method of powering my camera in absence of standard electricity? Or, if anyone knows if the 790SW can charge via the mini-USB port, that'd be helpful too. I have found many solar chargers for various applications, but I couldn't quite figure out if they would work for my camera.

Unfortunately, windmills aren't portable enough Let me know if you can help, and I really appreciate your time and knowledgeability!

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I think if I were going there for a couple of years, I would try to set up a small solar panel/deep cycle battery/inverter system, whereby I could plug my AC charger into my inverter and charge my camera battery. A side benefit would be, I could also use the system to recharge other devices, such as flashlights, GPS units, radios, etc.

Trying to locate an item specific solar recharging device will most likely be very frustrating, and if you do find one, it probably won't work all that well.

the Hun

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Wind-up clockwork devices are available as chargers for phones,e.g., http://www.globehuggers.com/product_...roducts_id/212. I have a vague feeling it might come with various dc outputs & plugs for charging things.

If you search on 'Trevor Baylis' (the English inventor of the wind-up radio) you might find information on chargers. It's possible something like that might charge your camera. I have long thought there's scope for a general purpose wind-up dc power supply.

At the moment they're pretty expensive, but small solar panels are possibly more inconvenient and much worse in terms of price per mAh or perwatt of output.

Good luck! Let us know if you find anything, please. I want one, when it's cheap enough!

Edit: more details including a promotional video from the wonderful inventor himself at...

Sadly there's no details about the dc output for 'popular phones'. As many phones have Li-ion batteries, and freely available third-party chargers, it might be adaptable.
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Hello Mike,

You may want to give these guys a call...


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I have something like this with a small inverter. It was used when I back pack in the Grand Canyon. It seem to do a good job of charging my AA batteries. I also plugged my mp3 player to the inverter. My process was to charge my portable battery during the day and plug my devices during the evening to charge. The other unit (left) called the ISun if you buy the AA/AAA charging kit it will allow you to charge 10 batteries AA/AAA at a time. The only problem I had with these is that they were small, some one can enter my campsite and steel the lot. Though it has never happened.
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That's what I was talking about - good find, garman.

the Hun

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