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1CUTIGER Mar 23, 2009 2:04 PM

I have tried three different brands of the FE-1 type battery pack and get the same result from the Camera. After turning the camera on for about 5-10 seconds the screen reads "FOR INFOLITHIUM BATTERY ONLY" and shuts off. It also shows an empty battery icon with a circle and a line through it, though the battery is fully charged. Is there some kind of software upgrade it needs to get around this? I love the cameraand it's size is so convenient I don't want to put it aside.....HELP! Any input is appreciated!

coppertrail Mar 26, 2009 7:14 AM

Wondering if the camera and OEM cells have some kind of identification system where the camera rejects non-OEM cells.

JimC Mar 27, 2009 11:03 AM

It's my understanding that Sony's Infolithium battery system uses "intelligent" batteries to help the camera determine the number of minutes remaining (allowing much better accuracy on remaining charge compared to the charge level indication you get on many other camera models).

Sony's used this system in many models for a long time. If you look back at some of the older reviews here, you'll sometimes see Steve refer to the Infolithium System as the "battery with a brain", as you'll find in DSC-F505 review from almost 10 years ago:


The DSC-F505 uses the Sony NP-FS11 InfoLITHIUM 3.6v rechargable battery system. Sony's "battery with a brain" keeps you informed as to exactly how much runtime is left, in minutes, on the LCD display.

So, it's possible that this model is insisting on a battery pack that has this technology, and the OEM models you're trying are not fully compatible.

Although some of the other manufacturers have made improvements in this area (better accuracy on charge remaining), I've always considered Sony's Infolithium system to be the best around for informing the user of battery life remaining. With many other systems, the charge level will show almost fully charged until most of the battery charge is depleted (very inaccurate in comparison to Sony's Infolithium system).

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