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Default Third party batteries and the Panasonic FZ150

The battery that the Panasonic FZ150 takes is designated BMB9PP. If you go to Amazon and/or Google that battery, the Panasonic brand is $45 (definitely overpriced) while another brand Wasabi shows a battery for the FZ150 at a savings of $23. I've heard of some people having probs with third party batteries not showing the remaining charge indicator.

Any thoughts? I read on another camera forum that there were battery charge remaining indicator problems with third battery batteries for the FZ100 but not the same problem on the FZ150. Here is a link to the third party battery I found:

Amazon FZ150 battery

~fz50 fan~
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I'm interested in this too, so am subscribing to the thread- I've only seen the Panasonic battery at around $80 - on my last Olympus C770 I bought several generic batteries on ebay and I probably choose the cheapest- non of them lasted very long. I don't want to pay top dollar but I will if there are any problems with the generic batteries.
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You wouldn't put "cheap" tires on your Mercedes....I believe same rule would apply here JMHO
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I wanted a extra battery for my t2i/550d so I googled it got the prices and sure enough canon was most expensive. As a believer in fate i did an amazon search and ended up with a grip 2 batteries and a cable release all for 30 and so far so good the 2 non canon seem to hold there charge as along as the canon does.
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Ditto to what Stan said.
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G'day Dave

This topic has been gone over previously - do a search & you will find others with similar views to 'us here today'

It is becoming more common that camera makers are 'chipping' their batteries for 2 reasons - a) to better inform the user as to the %age of battery power remaining, and b) to force you the user, to only buy their product at inflated prices

Here in the 'big land downunder' a genuine FZ100 battery is quoted at $119 to $149 [and the aussie $ is about equal to the US $ at the moment]
Non-genuine batteries - some with a copy chip, some without, are available for $30-$40. I have used the 3rd-party batteries on various FZ cameras for many years and never had a problem

here is a link for you to compare notes with
http://www.camera-battery.com.au/ [the whole site to look at]
http://www.camera-battery.com.au/s/d...mix-dmc-fz150/ [the FZ150 battery itself]

Hope this helps a bit
Regards, Phil
Has Lumix mirrorless & superzoom cameras and loves their amazing capabilities
Spends 8-9 months each year travelling Australia
Recent images at http://www.flickr.com/photos/ozzie_traveller/sets/
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Thanks folks and G'day also – (I just love that saying). My hat is always off to the Brits and Australians – the best of the best people on the planet.

Ya - you wouldn't want to put cheap tires on a car for sure – but so far I've heard only good things about a couple types of third- party batteries – the Wasabi (you know,that hot green chili paste you put on your food lol) – and the UpStart brand. And these different people who posted on the battery have used them for a couple years with no problems.

Right now, in the USA, Amazon is offering the Panasonic original brand battery for the FZ150 at $45 – that is the price it has been for awhile now. Those OEM batteries only cost the company $15' ish to produce. Can anybody say rip off?

So, I'm not advocating buying a third-party product – but from my research, problems with them are as rare as problems are with the OEM's.

~fz50 fan~
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Old Mar 3, 2012, 3:31 PM   #8
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I used an ATC with my FZ150 that I got for under $15 from Amazon.

It charged fine, but seemed to drop rather suddenly from 3 bars to about zero in the camera's metering, but I got decent use out of it. Hard to tell if it was the same as the OEM battery since I never shoot the same with each. But can't beat the price.
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Default Buy Lithium Batteries

If you have purchase any Panasonic batteries for your Panasonic camera for use then shopping cart system just like batterywarehouse in UK with heavy discount on batteries, or Buy Lithium Batteries then check it.
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I thought that after FZ35 series Panny went proprietary. If it is anything like Sony's INFOLITHIUMs, then forget about trying to use non-OEM.

The battery that came with my original FZ7 (a zillion years ago it seems) still works sufficiently well enough to be useful so it's not like your going to be needing lots of batteries.
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