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Good day, Dave.
I wonder if you are still interested in this thread, as it is almost two years since your query and a year since the last response.
However, in the interest of new owners of Pana cameras (I got my FZ200 about a month back), I would like to give feedback about the Wasabi spare battery I got from Amazon.
I got the two-pack with charger. While the batteries (I have tested both) don't last as long as the original, they certainly go at least 75 to 80 per cent. Contrary to various reports in the internet, the battery indicator works fine. However, once the charge drops down from the three blocks to two, the rate of discharge looks speeded up and I get the red blinking very quickly after that. Again, contrary to reports, there was no loss of data for me even when the camera shut down after the red blink.
As of now, I am happy with the batteries, and the Lowepro bag that came with the camera on bundle offer from Amazon has enough space to hold the batteries and the charger. I have not tested swapping the chargers between Lumix and Wasabi - I don't intend doing that too.
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I have been reading up on these 3rd party replacements and Wasabi seems to be the brand of choice. I have read about the chargers being different, this 'decoding' of the pack and the camera not seeing the packs 'charge' condition.
There is a considerable difference in cost, so there has to be a 'catch' (no free ride). I guess the question is is it worth it in the long run?

I was considering getting the G7. That pack is around $48 US. The Wasabi is around $17 US.

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