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Hi Peoples!

I've recently purchased myself the "LaCrosse BC-900 Advanced Charger" and being a newbie to the digital camera world, was wondering if some of you could give me your tips and tricks in regarding to having your camera battery ready?

1. When your camera is sitting at home, not being used, are you charging your re-chargeable's?

2. If so.....do you keep them on 'trickle charge' until you are ready to use them?

3. Should I charge the batteries fully and then just keep them near my camera for when Im ready? Will they lose charge sitting there for a period of time?

4. After coming home from a dayout of casual photo shooting (eg. 150 shots) should I take out the batteries i was using and recharge them straight away?

5. Should I use the batteries in the camera until they are completely flat before I recharge them?

Thanks guys...appreciate your answers and any other tips or tricks you may have for me!

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Hello KitWalker,

Let's see...

1. No.

2. No. Extended trickle charging can ruin your cells. It is better to charge them up and use them.

3. Yes. Your batteries will lose some capacity over time, but should be fine for a month or so. Just charge them up and change them out every month and you should be good to go.

4. Yes.

5. No. You can do a full discharge cycle every so often, but you don't have to do it every time.

The La Crosse charger is a great charger. Hope you get a lot of use from it. Make sure you check it out carefully as there have been a few reports of problems with them. If you try everything and it all works, you are good to go.

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Hey Silver!

Appreciate the time you took to answer my post!

Will definately be checking out my charger, only prob was, living DownUnder, i forgot to get a convertor plug for the powerpoint on the charger so I havent been able to check if everything is working sweet yet!!! :roll:
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