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Default URGENT! Maha charger in Manhattan??

I REALLY want to buy the Maha C204F charger, but it must be somewhere in Manhattan, and I must locate a store by this evening. I searched the net but couldn't find one. I called all the big ones (like CircuitCity or RadioShack), but they don't have it. I also tried some other small stores but none have it. :-((
Do you know of a place in Manhattan which sells it?

Also, in case I don't find it, does anyone have an opinion on the Monster Cable rapid charger kit? Should I get it instead of the Maha? Does it also recondition batteries like the Maha does?
I'll be using 4 AA batteries for my brand new Fuji S602!!! :-)

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Hey there,
I don't know of anyone who sells it in the city. What's the hurry?

Try B&H Photo on 34th St. and 9th Ave for other alternatives.
They are one of the top photo-stores in NYC.


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I already tried B&H. All they have is a crappy power2000 charger which I have never even heard of (is it any good??).
I've heard so much of the Maha C204F (on this site) that I really want it now!
Also, I read this review (on imaging-resource.com) where it says that a good charger can make a battery last twice as long as a bad charger, which has turned me into a battery maniac and made something as simple as buying a charger into a project!
Well, life is full of difficult choices... :-)
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opinion- as with most monster products. it works and costs more than anyone elses. as far as the conditioning feature it is said not to be necessary on nimh batteries.
i hit monsters website- no conditioning feature. it's pretty much a standard 3hr charger with their graphics plastered all over it. i don't know how much it is but if its more tha the power 2000 you saw get the power 2000. it just a charger. it will do the job. if your in a bind keep it simple. none of these people manufacter these items they market them and monster is the master marketeer.

i'll say your chances of finding it are small on short notice.
this is your best bet

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