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The two sets of AA rechargeables that I have had for several years are finally starting to go. They seem to be self-discharging at a faster rate. Considering the way I use my camera, I think eneloops are the way to go. My question is, can I use my old charger. It is a Maxell charger that normally takes about 10 hours to charge a set of batteries and has a single indicator light. I realize eneloops don't need a special charger. My question is, am I getting the best functionality out of the batteries, by using an old, inexpensive charger such as this. I am fine with the 10 hour charge time.
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Hello C0MdrData,

It depends...

Keep in mind that your batteries are only as good as your charger and your camera depends on batteries to function. I think it is false economy to spend hundreds of dollars on a camera and then try to power it with the cheapest batteries and charger you can find.

Eneloop cells are very good, so you are off to a good start with them.

You will be able to charge your Eneloop cells with your charger, but depending on how your charger terminates, you may damage them in the long run. The low self discharge rate cells are sensitive to overcharging, more so than normal NiMh cells. If you charger charges for 10 hours, then shuts off, you will be OK. However, if it keeps on charging until you pull the cells, and you forget to pull them, you can expect reduced cycle life.

The other issue has to do with the number of cells your charger charges. Some chargers only charge cells in pairs. Others charge each cell independently. To get the best life from your cells you want a charger that charges each cell independently.

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