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Default Will I damage my camera if I use a higher voltage battery?


This is a newbie question! I have a Ricoh CX2, which has a lithium ion battery of 3.6V & 940mAh. I've just bought a generic spare battery, not Ricoh but noticed it is 3.7V & 1500mAh. Could I damage my camera by using this spare battery?

Also, both the original battery and the spare battery have 3 contact points, but I've bought a spare charger (generic, again not Ricoh brand) which only has 2 pins to make contact with the battery when it is loaded in the charger. Will charging my original Ricoh battery in this generic charger damage the original battery.

Sorry if these questions are very basic. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks!

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Well, I don't know for sure about cameras, but I am going to say yes to the battery as a guess. As for the charger, I'd avoid generic at all costs, but if it even charges the battery, I wouldn't trust it.

For example, when dealing with laptops or other things that require power, you can't just put any adapter that will fit. It has to match voltage and amperage or you can fry it.

Again, I am not positive about the cameras and am only taking my best guess based on experience with other electronics.
Kevin Carter
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The difference of 1/10th of a volt is not significant. If the replacement fits properly, it should be fine. The third contact may be a sensing point that the charger uses to determine the state of charge, or for the camera to detect the remaining power level, - or both. Possibly it is for temperature sensing. If your original charger uses the third contact, there is a reason, and I would not take the chance on the generic charger.

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Thank you kcarter and Brian for your help. Won't waste my money on generics again, and I suppose I was a bit daft to buy anything other than genuine spares online, but will follow this up with the vendor as the differences mean I'm not happy to use them.

Lesson learned I think! Thanks again guys.

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Lithium ion battery voltage is from 2.75V(empty) to 4.2V(full).
Different manufacturers claim different voltage and capacity ratings.
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