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Default Need 220v Battery Charger

We're leaving for Switzerland soon, so I need a 220 volt battery charger that will accomodate AA batteries. Does anyone have a recommendation? I suppose another alternative would be to use my 12 volt charge and plug it into a european car. Are the cars 12 volts like in the States?
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go to www.thomas-distributing.com. look at the maha 204 or the 401 charger and option in the international charger. i have it and then get the appropriate plug adapter

mod: MHC401FS200DCW comes with a set of 2000mah batteries
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Yes the cigarette lighters in european cars are the same. You could also buy a 220/12V power supply rather than a whole new charger. Or get yourself a voltage/travel adapter, which should work fine on your charger. They are about $10 from Radio Shack.
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I just checked Radioshack. The price is $16.99 and here's a link: http://www.radioshack.com/product.as...Fid=273%2D1401

They also have one for more countries worldwide: http://www.radioshack.com/product.as...Fid=273%2D1412

Here's a listing of ALL their converters. Stick with the lower wattage ones since they are transformers and will give you a true sine wave AC for electronic devices. The higher wattage units use a diode to create halfwave AC which is a cheap and dirty way to drop the voltage, but will NOT work for electronic devices. These are designed for motor or light/heat applications such as a hair drier. http://www.radioshack.com/category.a...3%5F000&Page=1

Also be sure that if you buy an adapter elsewhere it is a VOLTAGE converter not an outlet adapter. The adapter will only allow you to plug a 110V device into the outlet which is 220V. This is not good. The voltage adapter will convert the 220VAC (50Hz) to 110VAC (50Hz). It is a slightly lower frequency than the US 60Hz, but will work fine for most electronic devices.
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