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Ok, I own the following cells in the AA format for my Canon S2-IS.

1100 mAhGreen Generics

1850 mAh Energizer

2500 mAh Ultra brand ( http://www.tigerdirect.ca search for Ultra AA )

2500 mAh Duracell

Obviously the 1100's don't last long but I keep them as the "oh crap I need to lock and load with whatever I've got left" last call backup. The 1850's don't seem to give you a quick recovery unless they're hot off the charger. The Duracell 2500 last weekend at a convention took about 3-4 seconds to allow the flash to kick up again for those rapid shot-after-shot with flash. Surprisingly the Ultra 2500 house brand seemed faster on the recovery. Right now I only have two sets of 2500 batteries from different companies. I'm looking for something that can enable me to take shots of people without that long delay time.

Well a little about my shooting style. I'm more a running gun shooter. I don't have time to charge my batteries when I'm on the go. I normally cover conventions where you're in close-quarters and when you ask someone if you can take thier photo I normally try to get two shots or more so I can get a better shot. Problem is that when I'm shooting on auto and indoors I guess the lighting is a bit dimmer then the sensor on the camera so the camera bumps up the flash or something making the batteries drain more is what I'm thinking here. Like I was shooting these two girls in awesome costumes and my first shot was good (I had the Duracell 2500 loaded at the time as my Ultra's drained) but I wanted another shot as a close up shot but it took about 3-4 seconds for the cells to recover and it was kind of an odd feeling having them stand in thier poses while you keep pressing the trigger to check if the flash has recovered already.

Are there any good batteries out there that recover quickly? I'd like to keep my subjects idle time low.

Thanks in advance for your help. Oh yes, I'd prefer if the costs aren't too much of a sticker shock. I got my Duracell 2500 for $10 CDN clearance when the local Shoppers Drugmart was closing down. My Energizers I paid about $15.96 CDN at Wallyworld back 2yrs ago.



My bad I forgot to mention I also have a Energizer 2500 which I used but can't remember the flash recovery on that.
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For what you are trying to do, you probably need something like this:

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