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I just purchased a Canon A540 for a snapshot camera. When I put one pair of rechargeable AAs in the camera starts giving me a low battery reading after less than 10 shots with flash. I can put another pair of the same batteries and get around 50 shots before getting a low battery reading. In a previously owned A70, the same batteries gave me two to four times that many shots before giving a low battery reading.

On one hand, the batteries continue to perform well, as judged by no noticeable change in flashrecharge time, even after the warning comes on. On the other hand, the problem has repeated with the same two pair of batteries.

The batteries are Quantaray brand, rated at 2300 mAh.

The biggest question is, is there a problem with this particular camera that I should bring up to Canon while it is still under warranty? Do I just ignore the battery warning and continue shooting until it dies? Don't I risk loss of pictures if I run the battery all the way to dead?

Thanks for all offered advice.
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I would expect to get several hundred images from 2300 mAH batteries given a full charge.

Make sure that you've charged up enough batteries to cover at least two sets and fit one set in the camera, and use until they die checking how many shots have been taken.

Repeat the process using a second set & if they take about the same then it would suggest that the number you can logically expect to take. If they are considerably different, then it could suggest a dead cell. Remember, left in the camera for long periods in-between shoots, will discharge them.

The point of you question - NO, you will not loose your images as these are stored on the memory cards which retains the data even with no power applied thus allowing the cards to swapped & used with a card reader.
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I had the Canon A540 and had the same problem -- the low battery warning would come on almost from the first shot. I was using "Digital Concepts" (Sakar, I think) 1.8 amp-hour NiMH AA batteries. Not the best brand or the largest capacity, also, they are a couple of years old. I have a theory:

Perhaps my batteries could not deliver power quite fast enough, so the camera turned on the indicator. Other than a longer flash recharge time, they continued to work, but yes, I had the battery warning through most of my (outdoor) event, just like you did. I ended up shooting about 100 - 110 pictures, one-third to one-half with flash.

(Returned the A540 -- I'm waiting for my S3 IS to arrive.)

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