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In reviews of this website PS cameras A630 , A640 were tested with NiMH batt 2700 mah .

If you use batt with more capacity ( ex. 2900 or more ) , you will able to take more pictures . Dont worry , please .
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rule of thumb ???

what that means ?? sorry i am bad with english... :sad:
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"Rule of thumb" means "generally speaking" or "most of the time".

Please do AVOID nickel-cadmium. Some stores still sell them. They have less capacity, and the "memory effect" means if you only use them halfway and then re-charge, you will only get half the use next time before they need to be charged again. If you use Nickel-Cadmium you might only get 4 pictures or 10 pictures before the batteries are dead. For NiCd, I have heard this low number of pictures is really true!

Any of the major brands of NiMH (nickel-metal hydride) batteries and charger should work well. If you want the highest number, like 2900, they might cost a lot more money, and the real number might be less, especially after you use them for a year or two. You can use any brand and any capacity of NiMH battery with any NiMH charger.

You might want to buy a charger with a 12-volt wire if you want to charge the batteries from a vehicle. But if your vehicle has a small battery, like my 400cc motorcycle, you might not want to charge from a vehicle.

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