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Default Sony NP-F550 Batteries-BLINKING On BC-V615 charger.Help??

Hi ; I have a Sony DSC-D770 digital camera....I received 1 NP-F550 battery with the cam. I also received the " BC-V615 " Battery charger with it . I can not " see this so called " InfoLithium " Smart battery to show anything in regards to the " time left" on my LCD screen..

Previous owner stated (I bought it used) ; that he had a battery then it overcharged and went bad from that (?) Bought the replacement one I have...SONY brand NP-F550....He said before the battery ( the 1st) was overcharged it (* DID) read that Info data.

I have now ; bought 2 other NP-F550 batteries. I tried to charge these ; both " blinked " the charging indicator LED rapidly. According to the very brief ( not detailed ) charge manual (pamphlet) ; the rapid blinking indicate the attempting to charge a battery that had been NOT used in a long time.

So..The real main question again is ; once the SONY (brand) NP-F550 battery is running down....that will recharge up some..(UP to + 8.42 VDC (no load) to use.. These others NEVER take any charge (volts) whatsoever... stay at +0.00 VDC...

Any ideas to rejuvinate these batteries...???? What could be done to try to at least salvage these.?

Thanks In Advance... Ed~
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I'm having the same problem with these batteries. I have two that died prematurely while in service and with plenty of charge. Both batteries may have 25-30 total charge cycles each. When I put them on the charger, the light blinks and the batteries will not charge. I hope someone can shed some light on this.

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Try this, since the battries are shot anyway, what I do to ni-cads and other type batteries that will not take a charge is to SHOCK them.
If you have a small 12 volt car battery charger, give the battery a little zap, not too long!, just about 10 to 15 sec.
Of course if you have cells that are 1.2 volts, use the 6 volt setting on your car battery charger, not the 12 volt .
Than put the battery in your charger and see if the light still blinks, You will have about 50% chance of saving them.
If that don't work, try doing it longer, but not so long that the battery gets hot.
If that still don't work, you had nothing to lose.
Good luck.
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