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I purchased a Canon A540 camera and would like to maximize the use of the camera by purchaing a good set of batteries.

Can the Canon A540 support the CR-V3 batteries?

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Hi ottawauser:
I suspect that the only way you could get a crv3 battery into your camera is with a hammer (not recommended). see Steves review of powervision rechargeable cr-v3 lithium in accessories group. he has drawings of battery compartment shapes th accomodate crv3 batts.

if I am right, consider yourself lucky. rechargeable crv3s have been passed by by better limh technology and are OVERPRICED. see wrotniak.net/photo/c5050/rcr-v3.html for a good write-up on rcr-v3.

IMO, your best choices are Sanyo eneloop rechargeables or Energizer L91 lithiums depending on your camera usage pattern.

IF you use your camera a lot and it doesnt sit idle for long periods the eneloop or other low discharge nimh batteries might be a good choice.

If you tend to use the camera intermittently (take several pictures than camera sits idle for weeks, then consider the energizer lithiums.

the energizer data sheet is at data.energizer.com/PDFs/l91.pdf

There are other lo discharge nimh besides eneloop. however i think eneloop is the best of breed. A readily obtainable alternate is Rayovec Hybrid (8.79US/4pak at walmart).

The lithiums have the advantage of extremely long shelf life, high capacity, no charger required.

If it were me, I would start with the lithiums and see how they served me. If they didnt cut the mustard, Then I would go to eneloops.

As long as you dont go with alkalines, you will be OK. Enjoy your camera and have fun with it.

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The simple answer is NO. Get a set of high capacity NiMH batteries.

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