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What are the diffrences in silver and gold contacts at the end of a battery pack? Which company would you buy from if, you had to buy non brand name battery packs. These packs are for my Canon Rebel XT.
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Gold contacts are real gold. The gold will not corrode even if subjected to
corrosive forces like salty air, weak acids, battery chemicals , etc.

The silver contacts are actually nickel.

They will corrode if they are subjected to battery chemicals or other corrosive
environments. They are unlikely to corrode however.

One other factor is this. What are the terminals connect to?

If the battery is gold then they should be touching gold contacts on the other
side. IF they are nickel they should be touching nickel on the other side.

Dissimilar metals will corrode more easily when they touch.

So which is better?

It depends.

You'll usually notice that terminals which are safely protected are often gold.
The gold is only microns (millionth's of a meter thick).
If you were to rub them the gold might be worn off. And then the terminal material
underneigth might corrode. (It's usually a brass type material)
Like cell phone battery terminals.

Terminals where people can get to them and damage the thin gold coating are often
nickel. Like AA or C or D cell terminals.
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