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What a shame that we can't talk about batteries and chargers in a forum about batteries and chargers.

With all due respect, Hun, if this isn't what you want to talk about, why do you participate in this forum? The answer, of course, is that you do not seek to give or receive information on the subject, but rather your purpose is to ridicule the people who are legitimately exchanging information that they care about on a subject that interests them.

It is not up to you, frankly, to censor or surpress these legitimate exchanges of information, just because they don't interest you. Obviously, there are people who feel that their battery use makes the purchase of these chargers worthwhile. I don't see where anyone has ridiculed you, as you claim, for using fewer batteries than someone else. Why do you feel the need to ridicule someone who may use more batteries than you?

If you find useful information here, I am glad, and if you have information to share, I would be glad to read it. But if all you have to offer is vitriol towards those who are interested in the subject of the forum, then you have nothing to offer to the forum and I would, with no ill feelings, invite you to spend your time elsewhere.

How is my spelling?
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rinniethehun wrote:

I guess you failed to communicate much of anything with your last post. I guess we need to get a few things straight...

"First thing you need to learn ..."

I don't need you to teach me anything.

"...people have all kinds of hobbies."

And what's your hobby blr - battery charging? Sounds like a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon! I hope you didn't think I was being rude.

"...it is 100% pointless to go fishing when I have a nice fish store 300 m from my place and they sell fish..."

A fish store that sells fish - now that's a novel approach. If the fish store goes out of business, you'll starve, because you don't know how to fish.

"I, however, would never be rude to people that have fishing as a hobby."

You were rude as Hell to me, and I fish for a hobby.

"My parents thought me to be tollerant..."

They certainly didn't think you how to spell.

"Others here chose to ignore you, I didn't. "

Really? And why do you think they chose to ignore me - are they that much smarter than you?

"If you use as many cells as I do, you will be concerned about the charger."

I guess I'll never be as important as you, because I just don't own as many cells as you do. By the way - how many cells do you use? Gosh, I'm really in awe of you!

".Thankfully, despite folks like you, there arer communities like this here where people can exchange usefull info."

So far, this entry was the only thing you contributed to this entire thread - and you consider this useful info? Did you feel it necessary to come out of hiding...to crawl out from under your rock, so you could scold me for spoiling your little forum? Wouldn't it be nice if all the folks like me would disappear from the face of the Earth, so you and all of your little geek friends could just quibble to and fro' about who has the most cells, and who has the highest milliamps, and whose charger is in compliance with specification requirements? Don't hold your breath, blr...you'd better learn to live with it.

"grow up,"

Bite me!

The Hun

Aaah, the spelling, it always shows up when someone as smart as you happens to be a native speker. Just so you know, your native language is my third. Do you really believe that I will waste time to spell check my posts to you?

Meanwhile, I suggest you charge your cells and go fishing.

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