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I currently have the Rayovac 1hr charger, the energizer 30 minute charger, and a Rayovac overnight charger(ps13). Which charger gets batteries charged the fullest? I am considering the bc-900, but with 3 chargers already, I want to make sure its worth it. I have a number of different cells, some generic,energizer, rayovac, digipower, and I just bought the rayovac hybrid, and am considering the eneloops. Any input on these chargers would be appreciated. Thanks.
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I have lots of chargers and the one that charges the best consistently (besides the Vencon UBA) is the Vanson Speedy Box (BC1HU).


The Doc
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I have my eye on the Maha Powerex MH-C801D. It has 8 charging slots, and they're all independent slots - no need to have the same brands, size, capacities, charged status, etc. It also has an LCD display to indicate charging status, two charge modes and a conditioning mode. I just ordered 8 eneloops from HHGregg, and this charger could charge them all at the same time.

Newegg has a good price on them, with free 3-day shipping. Thomas has them for the same price, but they want $9 to ship.


If anyone can think of a reason not to get this charger, please let me know.

the Hun

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MH-C9000 WizardOne Charger/Analyzer - Maha's most significant product in five years: the MH-C9000 WizardOne Battery Charger & Analyzer. Suitable for the casual consumer users, enthusiast and professionals, WizardOne is capable of charging, conditioning, analyzing, cycling, forming and discharging one to four AA or AAA batteries, all while digitally displaying the battery capacity and voltage. All four slots can be operated independently in different modes and settings. A total of five modes are available.
The large LCD screen, backlit by ultra-bright white LEDs and measuring over 3.5" by 1.5", is more than three times larger than its closest competition and shows a wealth of information that is easy to read. In addition to the standard charging, conditioning and discharging, the WizardOne charger- analyzer also offers two unusual operations modes. The "Break-In" mode allows the user to input the capacity of the battery and performs a "forming" charge designed to properly break- in new batteries. The "Cycle" mode allows user to charge and discharge batteries consecutively while storing the capacity for up to 15 cycles.
There are ten selectable charging and discharging current from 0.2A to 2.0A and 0.1A to 1.0A respectively. The charger also features four independent temperature sensors using Maha's latest temperature rise detection algorithm in addition to the usual peak temperature detection. It also armed with additional patented termination algorithms found in other Maha chargers. The unit can be operated in a "basic" and "advanced" mode. In the basic mode, user merely needs to insert the batteries with no further key press. The charger will select the appropriate settings automatically, making it suitable for the casual users.


Will be shipping very soon, order today.
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Hi Steve,

Just today I sent using "Western Union" transfer system from my locally post office branch, to "Thomas Distribution" the sum of $:106.00, & instead to order this newer Maha C9000, I decided to own Lacrosse BC-900 "Improved"...which for my needs it's extremely similarly to this new Maha model, also i ask directly to Maha I received their response that will be for sale at the end of his month

Dear Alex:

Many thanks for your support all the time. The New C9000 charger and
analyzer will be available in the end of this month. Please check our
website at www.mahaenergy.com
and see if it is available. Thanks & Best regards.

Maha Energy Corp.

Please, Steve or all of you in this specific forum, give any opinion of my choice "La Crosse BC_900 Improved?

Thanks so much in advance, for your good will


Alex 007:|

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