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Hello Mike,

NiMh batteries will drop in voltage as they age. It would be interesting to see how long your NiMh batteries last after the low battery warning comes on. You may be surprised to find that they last a long time.

This effect is more pronounced with high capacity cells. If you want to venture back to using NiMh cells, get some that are in the 2000 mAh capacity range.

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Yes, there are AA size lithium ion _rechargable_ batteries, but they're hard to find in a store. However, finding them online is fairly easy once you know what to look for. The AA size Li-ion rechargeables are 3.6V (I haven't seen any different) with a capacity typically of 800 mAh to 1000 mAh. Here's a link a place that sells 'em:


Even though the capacity is much lower than what we're used to, remember they're more than twice the voltage. This inverse relationship always exists. For example, most 9V rechargeables are only 180 mAh.

Hope this helps!

-Greg Dolley

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