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I've got a regular old 4aa battery flashlight, and I think that I inadvertently left the light on for days. When you put the flashlight down, it blocks the lens, and you can't see if the light is on or off.

Well I charged it up again, and all seemed well, and it seems like i either a)left the light on again or b) the batteries discharged really quick. When I put them in the lacrosse charger, the chareger read the batteries to be at or around 1.3 volts.

Bad, ok, or no problems for these batteries?
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Hello Fefrie,

NiMh cells do not like to be discharged down to 0 volts. Sometimes you can get away with it, but usually there is some damage done. It seems that the amount of time spent at low voltages has an effect on the probability of recovery.

The damage cause by extended time at very low voltages manifests itself as higher rates of self discharge, and reduced capacity.

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Keoeeit wrote:
I have successfully reversed many reverse-polarized batteries by momentarily hitting a single cell with a few milliseconds of high amperage, higher-voltage current (up to 0.8 amp at up to 18V), but I wouldn't suggest this to the average person that doesn't like to take minimal risks.
LOL. I've resurrected many a NiCd by blowing out internal shorts (that's what NiCds are prone to) with a huge 47000mF capacitor charged to 20v. One big flash and they're ready to go for another year. It's best to be very careful with big power supplies and rechargeables, so I prefer the capacitor method. I heard some NiCds explode once when someone at work forgot they were on fast charge (no cutout, big power supply used), they peppered shrapnel everywhere and took out the windows in the lab, luckily no one was nearby. NiMh are a treat, they don't usually need any 'fixing'.
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