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Robs Jul 9, 2003 9:05 PM

Slow charge batteries vs. quick charge ones
While looking for NiMH battery chargers at a photography store today I was told that some batteries can only be used with slow chargers and some with quick chargers, and that you can't mix them. Is this true? How can you tell which are good for which?

For example, I have an Olympus c750 camera. It came with a BU-200 battery charger and Camedia batteries-1700 mAh. The manual warns you not to use ANY OTHER type batteries in this charger. Am I really restricted to these batteries in this charger, or is it Olympus' way of getting me to buy their batteries? If I purchase the Rayovac 1 hour charger can I use the Camedias in it, or just Rayovacs?

Anyone with a clarification?

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