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hi there,

someregular AAbatteries used toburst and the liquid leaked from the inside.

is it safe to keep those kind of batteries inside the camera for a long period of time?

what about the AA rechargable batteries?



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No and No.

Alkaline batteries can leak and corrode the innards of your camera.

Many, many cameras continue to use a small amount of battery power, even when turned off. So rechargeable batteries can end up being drained too low to be recharged.

If I know I will not be using my camera (or camcorder) for a long period of time, I remove the rechargeable batteries. I then give the batteries a full charge and store them separately from the camera.
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Its important to define "a long time". If you mean a month between uses, then I'd say you don't have to worry about removing them. If you're talking a year, then yes, I'd remove them.

The eneloop NiMH cells have a much slower self-discharge rate than conventional NiMH cells, claming 85% charge after 1 year of storage. I remove and charge my eneloop cells once a month and top them off. NiMH cells won't leak liquid into the device, alkaline cells may.
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Years ago when I had a Canon G2 I left the Canon battery in for a couple of months. Trying to start again I found the battery flat and past the point of no return. It took a lot of effort to get it to recharge. So do not do it.
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