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I just got four rechargeable CR123 3.6v 800mah lithium-ion cells and a charger to suit them for €12 on eBay (shipping included).
I didn't really need the little cells, I just got them to play around with and see how different gadgets liked to run from them.

While doing that it occurred to me that my old Nikon Coolpix 2100 (which I recently modified to accept a third NiMH cell) would work great from just one RCR123. Not as long as with three 2700mah NiMH cells, but RCR123s are small and light, and carrying a spare or two around wouldn't be much of a problem, I think.

And newer digicams all eat less power than my old 2100, and they often come with
tiny little proprietary lithium batteries with less than 800mah anyway.

So, the question: since RCR123 cells are so easily available and so used in other fields (such as that of flashlights; little Luxeon LED powered lights are very often powered by 123s), why is it that no digicam uses them?

They look like a perfect choice for digicams to me. Small, light, cheap, relatively capacious and well standardized. I understand that some manufacturers want to lock the customer into buying their own packs (*cough*Sony*cough*), but all the cameras that use multiple NiMH cells might as well switch over to using one RCR123.
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For one, the capacities of RCR123A cells aren't up to par with their non-rechargable CR123A counterparts. You'd be changing cells like crazy. Rechargable 14500 (AA) LiIon are even worse when it comes to capacity per cell.

Voltages may be a second reason. A NiMH AA cell is rated at 1.2V, while LiIon rechargable 14500 AAs are rated around 3.6/3.7V. I don't think it would be a good idea to put (4) 14500 rechargable LiIon AAs in a camera
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I've personally seen digicams with tiny little rectangular lithium packs that held less than 800mah. If people are happy with those, I don't see why they wouldn't be with the 123s.

As for voltage: I'm not suggesting putting 123s in place of the NiMH. I'm suggesting building digicams to use 123s instead of proprietary lithium packs. Maybe use two in parallel for longer duration.
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